Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

The "Garage" 

This uber-fun interactive exhibit-room includes all things that drive, fly, and roll. Fun for kids of all ages; this room features a life-sized SmartforTwo car, a 37-foot roller vehicle test course, a build-your-own Matchbox car race course, giant seven-foot tall tires, climbing rope-net and slide, parachute launchers, a pulley-enabled ceiling ball course, and more! This is a fun one for children and adults alike!

Carnegie Science Center

"Ropes Challenge"

Located in the Highmark SportsWorks exhibit, the new Ropes Challenge will test your bravery as you defy gravity while navigating this high-above-ground obstacle course. There's even a built-in zip-line feature. Learn about the science of climbing as well as the physiology and perception of fear and thrill. The best part about this exhibit feature is that adults and kids alike can experience this thrill--but you must be at least 48'' tall. Have littles? They can experience the fun, too; SkyTykes is designed for visitors under 48'' tall who want to adventure a little closer to the ground.

The National Aviary

"Penguin Point"

Hang out with the National Aviary's 20 African Penguins. This $1.7 million exhibit allows guests to experience the sights, sounds (and smells!) of a real penguin colony in this 360-degree perspective exhibit. These penguins are active little guys and gals--catch them waddling, squabbling, and splashing around.

Kennywood Amusement Park

The "Racer"

Kennywood has a ton of big-name coasters, but this one is a throw-back classic that you MUST ride! This classic John Miller coaster is the only single track, racing wooden coaster in the United States; it is designed with a reverse curve so riders begin on the right and finish on the left. So, pick either the green train or the red train and see who's coaster gets to the finish-line first on this 2,400 foot track! Riders must be at least 46" tall to ride this one. Have littles? Check out the Lil' Phantom coaster located in Kennywood's beloved Kiddie Land.

Sandcastle Water Park

"Blue TubaLuba"

We love this tube slide because you can ride with a partner! The Blue Tubaluba was Sandcastle’s first dual rider slide. On this 450-foot slide, riders experience the water thrills of misters, waterfalls, and total darkness before their splash-landing in a 4 foot deep pool. Riders must be 48" and a capable swimmer to slide.