Toddler-Ticket-Add-On (For ages 24-35 months old)

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Children 2 and under do not require a full-priced PittsburghPass. However, the Pittsburgh Zoo and Children's Museum only provide free admission to children “under 24 months of age;” if you have a child between the ages of 2-3 years old (24-35 months) and you'd like to purchase an admission ticket for these two venues, you may purchase this Toddler-Ticket-Add-On for these two venues at a discounted rate. You may also, instead, opt to purchase these venues' tickets for full price at the door for your child upon your visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo and the Children's Museum. (All children ages 3 and older do require a full-priced PittsburghPass to gain admission to all venues)

Passes will be released and shipped in April, 2017.

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